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Psychological and Employee Assistance Services since 1985

PERSOMA P.C. is a group psychological practice established in 1985 by a group of therapists who shared basic values that continue to define the philosophy of the practice today. The task of therapy is change and the manner takes on many forms; however, our underlying belief is one of honoring the person, the family and the process. As a therapist, this privilege includes an ethical responsibility to protect the client and to provide quality service that is non-judgmental. People, their differences and similarities, are affirmed and respected, not just accepted. These may include racial, ethnic, religious, cultural, age, gender, sexual minority and physically challenged differences. PERSOMA’s offices are strategically located in Allegheny, Butler, and Westmoreland Counties to be accessible to residents in a seven-county area of Western PA.

Executive Coaching and Consultation to Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations since 1995

Our goal is to help organizations become more effective. Our approach defines short-term measurable steps for any project while offering you the opportunity to clarify the purpose, measure progress, predict costs and assess return on investment. PERSOMA Management, Inc. has assembled a cadre of consultants with over 100 years of combined experience in the application of management and behavioral healthcare principles to business and industry. Our client companies and organizations are interested in outcomes like better productivity, improved effectiveness, reduced turnover, better communication, and reduction in lost work time.

A spectrum of services addressing the issues and skills needed to solve problems in today's workforce

21st Century Employee Assistance Partners provides a state-of-the-art Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that combines the foundational strengths of a core EAP program with the skills and knowledge to address workforce effectiveness in today's increasingly complex business environment. Our strategically focused model will address the spectrum of concerns of employees in today's business environment, and provide tools for leadership to help them move their organizations "into the 21st century". Our EAP has been developed with the awareness that shifts in the workforce have become permanent, requiring enhanced resources to manage and maintain a workforce in increasingly competitive environments. These organizational shifts require increased workforce skills, and external resources such as a strong EAP to address workforce issues.

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